Our Story


Having trained in Creative Design at Loughborough University and after spending many years teaching Design and Technology, I decided to turn my skills and experience to fields anew.

As a designer, I agree with William Morris: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful‘. 

Purchasing a property with several outbuildings afforded me the luxury of setting up my own on-site workshops from scratch.  I soon began creating both large and small items, including props and staging for local theatre companies. 

I was surprised at the rapidly escalating cost of raw materials in general and timber in particular.  Heartwood was born almost by accident, due to a fallen tree, an unwanted dance floor and the off-cuts from a fitted kitchen.  These ‘problems’ became my opportunity to recycle as they became respectively several bowls, a set of cold frames and a carving/cheese board.  The recipients of these items were pleased as much for the emotional attachment as for their beauty and functionality.

During this unique service, you become part of the solution. You are consulted at appropriate stages as you watch the magic unfold.